Make Your First Impression Count

A brand is more than a logo; it is how you present to your audience. Your brand encompasses the behaviors within your company, the usage of your logo, your messaging, brand behaviors and so much more. Some businesses make the mistake of using an overly common logo with no customization or brand support to strengthen their cause. This results in a loss of resonation with your ideal audience which equates to losing customers. Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established company looking to refresh your look or add a product line, your logo and brand are vital to the success of your business. Your brand should make a lasting first impression.

You deserve a logo that is unique, reflects your initiative, and most importantly: resonates with your ideal audience. Your logo often serves as the first top of mind awareness image when someone thinks of your organization.

Before setting your free discovery consultation or setting expectations for your logo, consider reading up on what makes a great logo!

Logo Lookbook

So what is a brand guide and where does that come in?

A brand guide is a defining document that allows an organization or initiative to gain consistency across all platforms. The document should be distributed to any employees who will be responsible for messaging or logo use in any capacity. Partners such as marketing agencies and printing professionals will be able to use the guide to ensure that the integrity of your brand is kept. Does this sound like something your business is lacking? Read more about the value it will bring.

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